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The Best Termite Treatment in Atlanta
Termites are serious dangers to your home– potentially costing you thousands of dollars in property damage. You shouldn’t have to deal with that, and that’s why we’re here! We provide the best termite treatment in Atlanta so you can protect your home and avoid the financial costs of property damage.
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At TruNorth, your safety is our priority. We provide the safest pest control in the Atlanta area.

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Termite Exterminators in Atlanta

While termites do not pose serious health threats to people, they can cause severe damage to your home. These insects feed on wood and other structures that homes are made out of, costing millions of dollars in home and property damage every year. Subterranean termites, which are the most common type in the United States, cause an estimated more than $2 billion in damages each year. TruNorth's termite control gets rid of these pests to avoid financial costs in damages and preserve your home. 

When you choose our termite control in Atlanta, you can expect the following:

  • Free inspections. Our exterminators thoroughly inspect your home to find where termites are hiding and figure out the best treatment options for your situation.
  • Use of high-quality termiticides. This is the most effective treatment for termite control.
  • Termite elimination and protection. Our solution uses multiple treatments, including chemical-free baiting and use of trenching.
  • WDO termite letters. This letter ensures that your house is 100% termite-free.

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Keep Termites Out of Your Home  

Here at TruNorth Pest Control, we believe in working with our customers. Our goal is to not only help you get rid of termites but also empower you to keep your home safe. In addition to receiving our services, there are several things you can do today to prevent and reduce the risk of termites destroying your home:

  • Remove any moisture from your home.
  • Reduce the humidity in your home. 
  • Seal your structure.
  • Keep a barrier between your house and the soil. 
  • Keep firewood and wood debris out of your house. 

100% Guaranteed Atlanta Termite Protection

At TruNorth Pest Control, we do our best to guarantee your home’s safety from termites. We hire the best exterminators in the area to ensure you get the best service from us. Our certified termite exterminators go through continuous training to stay up-to-date on information regarding termites and the best way to get rid of them. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services, or you find that your termite problem still exists, give us a call and we’ll re-send our team out to treat your home at no extra charge.

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Termites can cause anyone problems, and TruNorth Pest Control is here to stop them. If you have a friend currently experiencing a termite infestation, we can help. As a thank you for referring your friend to us, we’ll provide you with one month free of services. 

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