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 We offer pest control that covers all of Metro Atlanta’s most common pests including termites, mosquitos, ticks, and wildlife. No matter what your pest is, TruNorth will remove it using safe and effective techniques. 


Our Pest Control Services in the Metro Atlanta Area

At TruNorth we know getting fast relief from pests is a must when it comes to pest control. Getting timely treatments helps keep you safe from pests and reduce any damage they might cause. When you need fast pest control you can count on TruNorth. 

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Pest Control

 If you’ve got ants, roaches, spiders, or other pests, TruNorth has your back. We’ll protect your house against the toughest infestations. Rest easy with our pest control services.

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Termite Control

Worried that termites may be in your home? Want to protect your house against infestations? At TruNorth Pest Control we offer a variety of treatment methods tailored to you.

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Mosquito & Tick Control

Are mosquitos and ticks ruining the time you spend in your yard? TruNorth provides safe and effective treatments to eliminate mosquitos and ticks. 

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Wildlife Control

Whether it's a raccoon in your garbage bin or a bat in your attic, TruNorth has you covered. We offer wildlife removal services that are safe for both you and the animal. 

Rodent Control

Get the ultimate protection from rodents with TruNorth's expert rodent control services.