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Get to Know Your Local Pest Control Specialists

At TruNorth we have two basic beliefs: All things are possible and we all deserve to be loved and respected. These core values helped create the company that you see today. 


Who is TruNorth Pest Control?

four white TruNorth pest control vans

Jeff Swaney and Joe Sheffield founded TruNorth with the purpose of creating a business with premium service in pest, termite, mosquito, and wildlife control. They named the company TruNorth to represent the goals and beliefs that we are striving for. The company is built on these four principles: 

  1. We will do everything right the first time.
  2. We will create and sustain a culture that honors our clients and employees.
  3. We will focus on improving upon everything that we do.
  4. We will give back to the community we live in. 

At TruNorth your satisfaction is very important to us. We strongly believe in providing the best service because everyone deserves that. If we can accomplish the goals set by our principals, we will consider it a job well done.